Responsive Layout with CSS Grid & Flexbox

LinkedIn Learning (, October 2018

Go cross-platform with responsive design from Responsive Layout by Clarissa Peterson

Responsive design demands that websites adapt to the device they are displayed on. Responsive layout is key, and HTML and CSS now offer features that make it easier than ever to create layouts that will work well on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. In this course, Clarissa Peterson covers the basics of designing responsive website layouts with the latest standards, including CSS Flexbox and Grid. Review the basics, such as working with the position and float properties to adjust the location of elements on screen, and discover how to use media queries to proactively update your layout. Then dive into CSS Grid, including aligning and ordering items within the grid, and find out to work flexbox containers. Finally, learn to build a 12-column design that combines Grid and Flexbox in one layout.

2 hours, 32 minutes. Subscription required, but a few segments can be previewed for free.

HTML & CSS: Creating Forms

LinkedIn Learning (, August 2017

Welcome from HTML & CSS: Creating Forms by Clarissa Peterson

Forms are a major component of modern websites, used to collect user data, conduct polls, and more. While you can use a form builder, they’re relatively simple to build from scratch with basic web technologies: HTML and CSS. In this course, Clarissa Peterson demonstrates best practices for creating and styling web forms that are easy to complete and accessible to all users and devices. Learn proper use of form fields, including the new HTML5 input types, and discover how to add interactivity such as form validation, style forms with CSS, create responsive layouts, add interactivity such as form validation, and design forms for usability and accessibility.

2 hours, 30 minutes. Subscription required, but a few segments can be previewed for free.

Web Accessibility Tutorials

Aquent Gymnasium, September 2020

This is a series of short videos from Gymnasium’s “Take 5″ catalog, where you can learn a new skill in 5 minutes from video tutorials on web design and development, UX, prototyping, and career skills.

The first tutorial from Clarissa, Understanding Document Structure Accessibility, was released on September 2, 2020, with additional videos to follow weekly.

Career Clinic: Developer Insights

LinkedIn Learning (, February 2018

Get career advice and insights from tech [in]structors—practicing developers who teach for LinkedIn Learning.  These working professionals provide relevant, targeted advice for those entering the tech industry and those who want to progress to the next stage in their careers. Meet a different developer each week, as they share stories about starting out, getting hired, finding mentors, improving their skills, and working on their favorite projects. Each interview is full of helpful job hunting tips and guidance for navigating today’s fast-paced tech world.

4 minutes, 27 seconds. Free to watch.