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It seems I haven’t posted in quite a while — I can barely believe it’s been a whole year since my book, Learning Responsive Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide, was released.

Las Vegas skyline

My first visit to Las Vegas

And it’s been a busy year. In the past 12 months I’ve given talks at conferences or meetups in: Ottawa, ON; Zurich, Switzerland; Washington, DC (3 events); Charlotte, NC; Chevy Chase, MD; Brussels, Belgium; Chicago (3 separate visits!); Montreal (3 events); Toronto; Albany, NY; New York City; Las Vegas; and Amsterdam.

Writing a book certainly opens the door to a lot of adventures.

But a new adventure is quickly approaching. My husband A.J. Kandy and I are moving from Montreal to Calgary next month. A.J. recently started a new job at SMART Technologies, which is based there.

So that means I’m looking for a new job in Calgary, or possibly remote. We don’t know very many people there yet, so if you happen to know any people who work at awesome companies in Calgary that might be hiring, please send them my way.

My Responsive Color title slide on the screen behind a stage

About to get on stage at CSS Day

Actually, we’ve never even visited Calgary before! We’re pretty excited, as it seems like there are a lot of fun things to do there. I do a lot of hiking and camping, so I’m looking forward to living right next to the Rocky Mountains. Although, I’ve never done any hiking in an area where there are grizzly bears, so I’m a little bit terrified about that.

Meanwhile, in the midst of getting ready to move across the country, I’m leaving on Saturday for a two-week trip to the West Coast, where I’ll be speaking at CascadiaFest in Blaine, WA, Mobile+Web DevCon in San Francisco, and meetups in Vancouver and Seattle. Additionally, I’m giving an online talk for the CSS Summit next week.

When I get back home, there’ll be just enough time to pack before the moving truck shows up at the end of July. Although A.J. has lived in Montreal his whole life, I’ve only been living here for two years, so I haven’t seen all of it yet. We’re trying to fit in a few last bits of sightseeing before we leave, like the Orange Julep, Parc Omega, and the Game On exhibit at the Montreal Science Center.

A large deer with his nose right up against a slightly-open car window.

Getting friendly with the animals at Parc Omega. Yes, you’re allowed to feed them from your car window.

Luckily the Calgary Farmers’ Market has a shop called A Taste of Quebec, so we don’t have to miss all our favorite Québécois foods after we leave Montreal.

Although I’ve lived in several different cities, A.J. and I have been in Montreal since we first got together, so it will be strange to live somewhere new together. We’ve only been married two years, so we’re still figuring each other out. Moving is going to be a big challenge, but we’re trying hard not to drive each other crazy.

We don’t even have a place to live in Calgary yet. A.J. and I are going to stay in an Airbnb for a couple weeks while we look for an apartment. We’re looking forward to when we finally get moved into our new home and can relax a bit — at least until it’s time for more adventures.

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