Black Lives Matter

I grieve with you, Minneapolis.

And I wanted to share this that I posted on social media earlier in response to someone’s comment. This is for anyone who hears “Black Lives Matter” and responds with “all lives matter” and that we can solve racism by simply not looking at color:

People have ALWAYS looked at skin color and treated people differently. The whole point of Black Lives Matter is that we (all of us) need to acknowledge that people are being treated differently depending on their skin color by those in power. We can’t just pretend that racism doesn’t exist. George Floyd wouldn’t have been murdered if he had been white.

Black people are angry because they have been treated as lesser people for the entire time that they have lived on this continent. For the past 400 years they have been told, over and over, that their lives don’t matter. They are tired of it, and are speaking out to tell those in power that their lives DO matter. The rest of us need to support them if we expect to ever live in a world where people are equal. Because right now it sure isn’t equal.

Please read: Here’s Why It Hurts When People Say, “All Lives Matter” and All Lives Matter: A racist response to a race problem in America.

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